Three Interview Tips that can Land You a Job


Ever wondered why you did not get your dream job despite having all the skill sets and experience? Well, more often than not, the reasons are so obvious that we tend to ignore them. These three interview tips will give you a deep insight into the whole process of hiring and also help you in landing your dream job:

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A 4-Step Guide to Create an Effective Cover Letter


Cover letters, along with resumes, make for an integral part of an interview process. A good cover letter shows your professionalism and also tells how you fit in the overall goal of any company. Therefore, a well-formatted cover letter always leaves a good impression on your potential employers. It should be readable, and devoid of any mistakes.

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Making Dreams a Reality: A Virtual Employee Tell All


India the land of over a billion cricket fans, where cricket is not simply a game where children dream of playing at the highest level. One such cricketing fan, Vijay Singh is ecstatic about his chosen career at Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. His job as Marketing and Communications Head for Bowling Masters where he works alongside bowling legend Brett Lee, requires him to rub shoulders with some of the greatest cricketers from around the world. The list of cricketers he interacts with on a daily basis is long and impressive. However, for as long as he can remember, one of his dreams was to meet Sachin Tendulkar. Well, as they say, “Dreams do come true”, and for Vijay, this dream finally came true during the launch event of Bowling Masters, where Sachin was invited as a special guest. “This was one of the best days of my life; I finally got to meet my childhood hero,” he quips enthusiastically.

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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting a Job in the Software Industry


You may have applied for the software testing job many times, but may have made no headway. You might be getting calls for interviews that you are not able to crack. Obviously, dejected, you blame it on your bad luck. Have you ever wondered why this is repeatedly happening to you? Why you are still not getting a head start in the software industry. The reason could be lying in your approach and preparation.

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